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community_icons's Journal

Community Icons
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All Members
Icons for the show "Community" on NBC
All members are free to post but there are some rules:

[1] At least one icon for the NBC show "Community" (or its cast/crew members/etc.) must be in each post. Your post need not be exclusively "Community" icons-- other fandoms and other fanworks in addition are fine, but this is a "Community" icon comm, so yeah. :D
(I may loosen the rules a bit in the future to include any fanart/fanworks for "Community." We'll see.)
[2] Keep more "adult" icons behind the cut
[3] "Fake cuts" to personal journals are fine, but please don't link to locked entries
[4] Previews are preferable, but please keep it to a 3-icon maximum
[5] Play nice, and
[6] Have fun! ;D

[1] Please tag all your entries with any tags that apply, including any "creator" tags available-- This will make it much easier for people to find what they are looking for! :D
[2] I will go through entries and create new tags if necessary.

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